Auto Warranty One
Auto Warranty One
Drive your used vehicle with the comfort of knowing costly repairs are covered. Regardless of whether
you drive a car, truck or an SUV, foreign or domestic, Auto Warranty One has the right plan at the best price
to cover the cost of repairs that always includes the highest rated customer service. Whether you choose
a plan that only covers the basics, like your powertrain, or if it’s our comprehensive bumper to bumper
protection plan, you’ll find it’s incredibly easy to make a claim. If you have a quote from another warranty
provider, let us help you determine if their offer includes the right coverage and price for your vehicle.

Why Choose Auto Warranty One?

Our winning philosophy is simple: Be honest and up-front with every customer concerning all aspects of their used car warranty coverage and purchasing details.


Did You Know?

The terms vehicle extended warranty, car
repair insurance and breakdown insurance,
are commonly misused to describe the legally
correct term vehicle service contract, which is
an agreement you own to cover the costs for
vehicle repairs.


Choose The Best Used Car Warranty

Model car in hands

We have four coverage levels. Each level differs in coverage quantity and purchase price. We have a special plan for you based on your driving habits and personal needs.

Getting the right protection for my car was super easy through Auto Warranty One. I was glad I did because last month I needed over $2500 in repairs that were completely covered. You can imagine with this economy how good that felt. Paul Davis

Making a Claim - Three Easy steps:

number 1 bullet Choose the repair facility
that's convenient for you.
number 2 bullet Present your warranty membership
to your service professional,
who will contact our claims department.
number 3 bullet Pay your deductible, if any, and that's it.
We handle the rest!