History of Warranty.Auto

By 2003 hundreds of start-up auto extended warranty companies had discovered the internet as a cheap and easy way to reach the masses in an effort to sell auto extended warranty plans.

During that period of time, very little information was available to the average consumer concerning the critical areas of what made a credible and reputable extended warranty company. Many website warranty companies claimed to be honorable and well-funded, only to find afterward they didn’t pay claims as promised with some extended warranty companies going out of business completely, making warranty contract holders financially responsible for repairs.

In 2004, Warranty.Auto pioneered the direct marketing of auto extended warranties, providing consumers the best rates from highly rated auto warranty companies. 

Our mission is to bring online extended warranty shoppers only highly rated, rock-solid auto warranty companies they can rely on. We offer only trusted auto extended warranty companies (with A-Rated insurance backing) that focus on customer service and financial stability. We’ve completed the vetting process for you, knowing first-hand you will receive the best performing auto extended warranty plans available today.

Our nationally accepted warranty companies will pay your auto repair bills at the service facility of your choosing. Loaner cars and roadside assistance are included with each plan. Each extended warranty plan comes with a money-back guarantee.

Our operators answering your questions and phone calls are US citizens located in St Louis, Missouri. They are informed, kind, and considerate customer service individuals.