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Locating the Best and Worst Used Auto Warranties

When you’re searching for the best used car warranty for your car, be sure the agreement has a guarantee for strong financial stability from insurance backing. Insurance will guarantee that the necessary funds are available to pay for all of your claims until the very last day of protection. Ultimately, the insurance company behind the warranty plays just as important of a role as the administrator (your warranty representatives at

If you have the insurance company name, you may search and investigate company financial success (or lack thereof) with the A.M Best Insurance Ratings company, who tests and analyzes company financial-statement data, giving their subjective rating from A to F.

View our bankruptcy alert of the worst auto warranties companies who have recently filed for bankruptcy.

Use the Rating Service to Find the Best and Worst Extended Warranties 

A.M. Best Ratings is a free service. However, they require the usual sign-up process involving a password, name, and email address. You might try this first. In Google type the insurance company name followed by: “AM Best insurance ratings.” Many of these report cards are posted on blogs and in other articles. This may make a full registration to A.M. Best unnecessary. To sign-up with A.M Best Ratings, go to:

Use the BBB to Find the Best Used Car Warranty Companies

Historically, the Better Business Bureau was usually reliable and accurate in terms of qualifying businesses, particularly in the realm of auto warranties. But upon further investigation, it appears that each local bureau sets its own standards for report grades and no bureau has a policing agency of their own that looks after the credibility of each BBB local branch.

We are familiar with an auto warranty company in the Boston area that boasts an “A+” rating from their local BBB while listing 29 consumer complaints for 2009, while another warranty company in St Louis had 15 complaints in that same year but suffers from a “D+” rating. The complaints were all of the same nature: the usual over-promising and slow response times. Is the Better Business Bureau still a credible source to find the best extended warranty?


Our insurance ratings are "A-"
by the A.M. Best Company.

The A.M. Best Company, founded in 1899 is a full-service credit rating organization.


Our Better Business Bureau rating is "A".

The BBB is the authority on trust in the marketplace, upholding high standards for ethical marketplace behavior.