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Commonly Asked Questions About Extended Warranties


1) What do I do when I experience a problem with my vehicle?

2) What is true bumper-to-bumper coverage?

3) What if my dealer does not accept aftermarket extended warranties?

4) What is Wear and Tear coverage?

 5) Will automotive warranty services pay for preexisting conditions?

6) When does my service contract begin and expire?

7) How long does it take to receive an automotive warranty services contract?

8) What are the steps to enroll?

9) How can I get more information?

10) Can I buy the same coverage through my dealer?

11) Do I really need the protection of a vehicle service contract?

12) Do you have coverage for brand-new as well as used vehicles?

13) What are the differences among automotive vehicle warranties?

14) Do our extended warranty plans include roadside assistance benefits?

15) What year and mileage combinations are available?

16) Is there a deductible that I will have to pay?

17) What if I have car trouble when I'm out of town?

18) My factory warranty has reached expiration. Can I still get an extended warranty?

19) Why is it safe to purchase from Auto Warranty One?

20) Why are our prices lower than many other automobile warranties?

21)  Do I have to pay up-front for repairs?

22) Will my claims be paid in the future?

 23) How Quickly are Claims Processed?

24) What is NOT covered by an Extended Warranty?

·         Any breakdown caused by normal “wear and tear” is not covered, unless you purchase the “wear and tear” option which is offered by most extended warranty plans up to a certain mileage restriction. Under the definitions of most aftermarket used car warranties, covered breakdowns do not include parts that are worn beyond manufacturer’s tolerances. Wear and tear claims are happening more often but are usually seen on higher mile vehicles.

·         Claims resulting from lack of proper fluid levels in your vehicle are not covered. One of the benefits of the modern “quick lube” experience is that they will check and top off all your fluids. While you are there, make sure the service technician checks the fluid levels of your engine, transmission, power steering, brakes, differential, and windshield washer system. Keep and record their inspection and completion sheet as required by the auto warranty coverage guidelines.

·         Car warranty coverage will be denied if the breakdown results from “commercial-type” activities, including towing for hire, construction, job site activities, hauling for hire, snow removal for hire, and off- road use. A commercial use policy rider may be purchased on most vehicle extended warranty companies’ list of options to cover the above commercial usages. If you are purchasing a vehicle extended warranty and will be using your vehicle for these activities (even only on occasion), be sure to pay the extra $200-300 for the commercial rider.

·         Any breakdown resulting from towing that exceeds your vehicle’s recommended weight limit will be denied. Unless equipped with your manufacturer’s optional “trailer tow package,” most cars and light trucks are not capable of towing a trailer of any substantial weight. If your transmission is damaged and you have a trailer hitch installed, be prepared to explain to your vehicle extended warranty inspector what you have been towing.

·         Any breakdown caused by a condition reasonably determined to have existed prior to the contract purchase date (a preexisting condition) will be denied. If you buy your vehicle from a credible auto dealer, it should have been fully inspected for problems prior to sale. Some vehicles are still sold with preexisting mechanical or electrical problems. Most car warranty companies are able to determine if the vehicle was not in good operating order when sold. Be aware of this.


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